Flowers Melbourne City: Tips on Selecting the Right Sympathy Flowers

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a difficult process. Grief can be overwhelming, which is why it can be difficult to find the best ways of expressing sympathy. When someone you care about is facing a loss, it is essential that you find an appropriate way of offering support and sympathy during this difficult time. Flowers are an ideal way of offering sympathy. When in search of the right arrangement, you will want a knowledgeable florist with experience in creating sympathy bouquets.

Popular Flowers Melbourne City for Sympathy Arrangements

When the time comes to select a sympathy bouquet, you will find several popular options in flowers. Some of the flowers common to sympathy arrangements include:

 Alstroemeria: These colourful flowers represent friendship. Some popular colours for sympathy arrangements include:

o Yellow  represents the joy and light the deceased brought into the lives of loved ones.

o Lavender  represents a person that was graceful and refined.

o Purple  represents a person that was noble and dignified.

 White Lilies: Lilies are symbolic of the restoral of innocence in the soul of the departed. They are common to funeral arrangements and sympathy bouquets.

 Chrysanthemums: Representative of joy and optimism, the chrysanthemum is a great way of celebrating the joyous memories shared with the departed.

Carnations: Because of their strong emotional symbolism, carnations are a popular choice for funeral arrangements and sympathy bouquets.

 Gladioli: They represent strength, moral integrity, and the sorrow for the loss of a loved one.


Flowers Melbourne City

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