Melbourne Flowers: Proper Etiquette for Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

When a friend, family member, or colleague experiences the loss of a loved one, proper expressions of sympathy are the best way of showing support during this difficult time. Sympathy flowers are a traditional way of expressing sympathy. Choosing the best Melbourne flowers and following proper etiquette for delivery will help to convey the message of sympathy in the most appropriate way possible. When in search of the right arrangement and proper etiquette, there are a few tips that can help.


Delivery of Melbourne Flowers for Sympathy

In order to follow adhere to generally accepted rules of etiquette for the delivery of funeral flowers, there are a few things to remember. Proper etiquette is to have the florist deliver the arrangement before the visitation. This is appropriate for colleagues, associates, and friends experiencing a loss. For close friends and family members, it would be more appropriate to deliver the Melbourne flowers to the home.


Appropriate Flowers

In addition to the proper delivery time, selecting fitting flowers will be essential to conveying your message of sympathy in the best way possible. Some flowers common to sympathy bouquets are lilies (which represent elegance) and roses (which represent love). In addition to the type of flower, you will also want to pay careful attention to the colours you select, as each one will convey its own message. For example, expressions of peace choose blue; expressions of friendship, choose yellow; and expressions of elegance, select white.


The Sympathy Card

Along with Melbourne flowers, you will want to send a sympathy card to your loved one. The sympathy card should be simple and in line with the type of arrangement as well as the relationship you have with the family of the deceased.


Choosing the Best Melbourne Florist

When you are in search of Melbourne flowers for sympathy and other occasions, visit